First Love Ministries
Josh & Kelly Bacon

Childhood sweethearts and now parents to Lillian, Jesse, Benjamin and Matthew, we have been completely undone by the goodness and faithfulness of God. After taking on the directorship of a non-profit in 2017, we recently renamed the organization to better describe the heartbeat of what we do and Who we serve. "First Love" aims to put Jesus at the center of every effort and recognize Him as the source of every good thing and the answer to every heart cry.

Our passion is to see Jesus known and adored in the earth and people to be made whole as they encounter a God who loved them first. 

Whether it is our vision for the Burn in upstate NY, our work in overseas mission fields, the running of our local community youth center, leading worship, participating in speaking opportunities, our jobs and places of work, interaction with our neighbors, or spending precious time with family-   may Jesus be glorified. May His kingdom advance and the truth of His unending love penetrate every dark place and difficult situation, as well as every joyous celebration and time of rest. HE IS WORTHY OF IT ALL. 

He is worthy of every life's fragrance... may God ever be our first love and may we ever set love first as we say yes to Him...


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